AFRV 2011


North Bask Country is pleased to host the 6th Conference of AFRV in the ESTIA campus from Monday 10 October to Wednesday 12 October.

This conference allows meeting of all people involved in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D Interaction. We hope to give you the same organization than in the past which permitted to meet with success during last sessions, to promote exchanges and to contribute to the development of the community.

From academic point of view, we will be attentive to privilege expression of young researchers, from whom occurs innovation, in order to give them the opportunity to present their activities and results. More generally, this conference will be the place of research community expression as a whole to provide new insights relating to the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and 3D Interaction. We hope all of these discussions will generate new research perspectives for the future.

Moreover, because the community is multi-origin (universities and high schools, research organizations, companies...), in a context where innovation is also drive by the corporate world, this conference is not limited to academic presentations but is widely open to other events such as innovative experience presentations in business or laboratory works.

You will find all the necessary elements for the submission of a scientific paper, a laboratory presentation or for a for a thematic conference proposal on the topic « Submissions ».

The week of Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics

The AFRV conference 2011 will continue by the AFIG conference 2011 to create the week event of Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics. The 3rd day, Wednesday, Oct. 12 will be the place of common AFRV and AFIG presentations. On this day, will promoted communications having a strong synergy with AFIG as the following themes:

  • Virtual Human,
  • Physics models for simulation and interaction,
  • High performance graphics computing (real-time rendering, GPU computing, …),
  • Design of Human Computer Interface.

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